What is Wedding Marketing NOW! ?

Wedding Marketing NOW! is . . . .

A service
A website
A blog
And more important a SOLUTION!

Wedding Marketing NOW! also includes:

marketing information
mobile marketing information
marketing tools
social media solutions
strategic formulas
business advice from experts around the USA that you can trust
networking events and a list of other networking events
annual conference

Marketing to bride and grooms is what your business is all about, and we have the resources for you to reach brides & grooms NOW!

Wedding Marketing NOW! is keeping up with the fast paced world online and in the mobile world.  Your client is all over the place!  It is so important that you understand what kind of bride and groom you want to target and work with on a regular basis.

  • Are you worried about wasted marketing money (poor ROI) on marketing your wedding business?
  • Do you want clients that understand the value of your wedding business?
  • Do you know how to find the client you want?
  • Are you profiting more each year?
  • Are you up to date about tax laws?
  • Would you survive an IRS audit?
  • Do you need more consistent business?
  • Do you understand how to keep the cash flow in the positive during the “off-season?”
  • How often do you post on your Facebook Business Page?
  • Do you belong to all the major networking groups and associations?  Is that costly?
  • Do you wish you could go to more networking events but don’t have the $$$ for childcare plus the fee for the meeting or event?
  • Do you want to manage your own website and have more control?

Some facts for you to ponder over:

  • Average Chamber of Commerce Yearly Membership: $500
  • Average National Networking Yearly Membership: $500
  • Average number of these kind of networks in a medium to large city: 5 (5x $500 = $2500 per year)
  • Average cost per month for print marketing: $250
  • Average cost per weekly meeting: $15
  • Average cost per monthly meeting: $40
  • Average cost per ticket to attend industry gala or party: $65
  • Average cost to belong (premium) to an online guide or directory: $1000
  • Average cost of SEO per month: $200

All of these facts are pinching the pockets of many wedding businesses.  The industry needs a place where each person and business can grow into the marketing plan that works for the size of their business or service.  Some photographers have 2 years experience and charge a lesser amount because of the lack of experience.  Other photographers might have 10 years experience and have award-winning photos and charge the highest price in the area.  Both might not know how to use their Twitter accounts to gain exposure and customers.

Wedding Marketing NOW! is here to provide:

  1. Resources for wedding professionals and wedding businesses trying to define their marketing strategy and make it work!  Check daily under our Blog page and find something new everyday that you can use NOW!
  2. Different levels of networking and workshops.
  3. Personal business coaching for your business.
  4. There is NO yearly membership to list your business.
  5. Choose to attend events and workshops that fit you and your business the best!  Workshops are categorized by levels such as beginning, intermediate, and advanced.

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  1. No matter what your field, networking is the way to gain exposure. Places like LinkedIn are gaining in popularity for a reason. You’re on the right track. Keep it up.

  2. I’d like to check out the blog section but I can’t find it. If you are going to use the About Page as the static front page, we need to have “blog” as a menu option so we can access the rest of the content. Thanks!

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